Are you looking for a quality and at the same time stylish product? A design sports aid that excels in all interiors at the same time, or attracted the attention of the surroundings?

Then you are right with us! Enough with a dozen regular items. With our boards you get non-traditional, handmade sports equipment. Set new boundaries with it in terms of performance, durability, sustainability and design.

Our boards are for you who do not want to compromise and are interested in uniqueness and quality.


Effective whole body training - strengthening the deep stabilization system called "CORE", legs and back muscles

Facilitate weight reduction

Improving stability, balance and coordination of movement

Stress relief

Great fun and relaxation

Better concentration and concentration

Elimination of unpleasant back pain

Surfing simulation


Original balance board made of beech plywood - 1 pc + protective stops

Balancing cylinder made of natural cork - 1pc (it can also be used as a massage aid)


Made of beech plywood

Protective stops


Made in the Czech Republic

Custom design

Load capacity up to 130 kg

Engraved logo

Protective varnish

Balancing on our boards is a great fun and sports activity for all ages.

The big advantage is that you can practice "riding" and strength training almost anywhere - in the comfort of your home or outdoors in the sun.

Suitable as an accompanying training for both top athletes and for sports such as snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, skiing, hockey, martial arts, skating, athletics, yoga, gymnastics and much more. You engage muscles you didn't know you already had.

We produce balance boards by hand and therefore each piece is unique and original. We create everything from selected materials for the highest product quality. Boards are developed for effective home training. For your strength and balance.

3,999.00 Kč
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